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At Regain Domain, we specialize in getting domain names to their rightful owners. Rather than going through expensive and lengthy lawsuits, we have specialized expertise in the UDRP process, an expedited proceeding which works directly with ICANN, the registrar of internet names.

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Domain Recovery Services

Whether your company’s name is being used unfairly as a domain name for another company, or if you’re being unjustly asked to give up a domain name, we can help.

  • Investigate the claim for supporting documentation.
  • Case preparation and presentation.
  • Picking the right tribunal and prosecuting the case.
  • Transfer the regained domain name back to the rightful owner.


  • ICANN: A short explanation about the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.
  • UDRP: Learn about the UDRP tribunals and the advantages of using this system.
  • Recent cases: See a summary of our latest cases.
  • Alleged Cybersquatters: Get information about known cybersquatters such as : Jucco Holdings, Maltuzi LLC, Domain Drop S.A. - aka Domibot, Wang Lee Domains Ltd., Wan-Fu China, Ltd., Maison Tropicale S.A., Nameking, Caribbean Online International Ltd., Protected Domain Services, Private Whois Escrow Domains Private Limited, Moniker Privacy Services, Navigation Catalyst Systems, Inc.

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