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Cybersquatters register domain names that are identical or similar to someone else’s name or brand.

  • Used by the cybersquatter to set up a competing web site, thus stealing traffic to sell his own products.
  • They set up a page displaying ads to make a profit. Online ads providers, such as Google, would pay the squatter per click.
  • They sit on the domain name with intent to sell it back to trademark or brand owner for an exorbitant price (often in excess of $50,000).
  • According to CADNA (Oct. 2007), cybersquatting and related practices are bringing in US$100-250 million in annual revenue for profiteers, and costing brand owners estimated over US$ 1 billion a year, due to diverted sales and loss of consumer trust.
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Problems dealing with cybersquatters through regular court system

There is another way:
Regain Domain specializes in domain name recovery through the ICANN administrative process.

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Alleged Cybersquatters

Get information about known cybersquatters such as :