Recent Cases

  • . Montres Charmex S.A. is the maker of Swiss Military Watches. We found that another company had set up a website at, apparently to lure customers who were looking to purchase a genuine Swiss Military watch. We initiated a UDRP proceeding and as a result, was transferred to Montres Charmex S.A.
swiss military
  • World famous author Larry Bond discovered the existence of the website The site contained links to various websites, many of which sold products that compete with those sold under Mr. Bond’s name. We initiated a UDRP proceeding and convinced the panel that the domain name rightly belonged to Mr. Bond. As a result, was transferred to Larry Bond.
  • . In this case, we defended a small company, BearBuilderZ, that provides a workshop where participants create stuffed animals.  The Build-A-Bear company wanted to take away the domain name and initiated a UDRP proceeding. We were able to convince the arbitration panel that BearBuilderZ indeed had the right to use