Domain Recovery Services

Here at Regain Domain you will get a variety of services which will support your domain recovery claim and help you get what is rightfully yours.

When we take on a case we serve our clients by taking the following steps which are critical to domain name recovery:

Investigate the claim for supporting documentation - In domain recovery claims, as in any other legal claim the burden of proof is on the complainant, as a result a case must be established with assertions, statements and supporting documentation. The Regain Domain team will investigate and research your claim to assemble all the necessary evidence to prosecute your claim.

Case preparation and presentation - After all the relevant evidence are gathered a professional and comprehensive statement of claim will be written by our domain law expert attorneys, and if further litigation is needed our lawyers will argue the case to its completion.

Picking the right tribunal and prosecuting the case - There are few tribunals in which UDRP claims can be filled, yet picking the right tribunal in which the claim will be filled is essential to the case. At Regain Domain our experienced team reviews the case and recommends to the client on the preferable tribunal. After the clients agreement and the payment of the tribunal filling fees by the clients, the statement of claim will be filled to the chosen tribunal.

Transfer the regained domain name back to the rightful owner - When the tribunal decides to transfer the domain name to the complainant, we will take care of all the technical details involved in the process, to ensure that your domain name will be available for you to use as soon as possible.