Why Regain Domain

Why we do a better job?

Business lawyer through regular court system

Regain Domain through UDRP


While many attorneys are familiar with general intellectual property issues, very few are knowledgeable in UDRP precedent and case law.

Specializes in domain name recovery under the UDRP policy, and in preparing cases based on Internet investigation and material.


A business attorney often cannot bring action against a squatter who resides outside the jurisdiction in which he is licensed to practice.

The three UDRP tribunals exercise universal jurisdiction.

Traditional litigation can be very costly. Trials can drag on for 2-3 years, including discovery, subpoenas and witness testimonies

Speedy decision typically handled within 2-3 months. No discovery, subpoenas, or oral testimony. Decisions are reached based on written material gathered and assembled by Regain Domain.

Decision Enforcement

Even if won, enforcing a court order can be challenging and time-consuming if the domain name holder fails to comply, or lives in another state or country

Enforcement of a decision to transfer takes 10 business days. Registrars in any country are required to implement their decisions as a condition for retaining their ICANN license to register domains.

In most of the cases, Regain Domain provides its services based on contingency.